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Book - Successful Together (English Version)

Successful Together - Book / Peter Scherk and Florian Knabl
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Successful Together- the journey to masterful obedience For many years now, Peter Scherk and... mehr
Produktinformationen "Book - Successful Together (English Version)"

Successful Together- the journey to masterful obedience

For many years now, Peter Scherk and Dr. Florian Knabl are well known names in IPO dogsport. They have spent half a life time with their dogs at clubs and trials.
Half a life time deepening and improving their work, looking into problems and finding soloutions. 

The reward: 3x single World Champion, 12x Team World Champions and 14x participation at World championships.

In addition to this, lots of placements on the podiums as well as countless titles at national and international level for both Peter and Florian and the entire Team Heuwinkl!

For many years now, they have been giving seminars around the world. Passing on their knowledge , ideas and solving problems. During this time, they have always been asked the same question.  "Can we read all this in english?"

Well now you can! It is finished. Just one year after releasing the german version there is now an engish edition available.

"Successful Together - The journey to masterful obeience" from the true masters of the subject, a complete manual for IPO obedience going step by step in word and with lots of illustrations. The book can be ordered straight away.

You can preorder already now. Book is available from 08. March 2017

Text on the book's spine:

More than 25 years experience in IPO – dog sports. More than 25 years of raising criteria in design/performance and further development of the IPO dog sport. More than 25 years on winner‘s rostrums/the podiums all over the world. Worldwide no other dog sport club has ever collected more titles. Thisis what our name represents: Heuwinkl.

South of the Lake Starnberg in the upper bavarian municipality of Iffeldorf we work out new trainingmethods and bring them to perfection. Peter Scherk and Dr. Florian Knabl are pioneers and members/initiators of the Heuwinkl-group. Behind these successful men is an exceptionally wise woman: ConnieScherk, who adds heart and warmth to the precision and passion.

In their book Peter Scherk and Dr. Florian Knabl impart a detailed build-up of all IPO obedience exercises.They show us the path from a puppy to the final result, through descriptions and pictures with step bystep instructions focusing on the keys needed for success: fun and excitement, motivation and fairness,diligence and patience, precision, planning and control.

If you have no interest in dog sports, and only want to work on a reliable SIT or a fast DOWN, you willequally benefit from the authors‘ experience, You will learn how you and your dog can be harmony andbe successful together. The reward is not a championship title, but a steadfast connection between dogand human, enjoying the work together. Through this, you will develop a mutual trust and pride in yourjoint success step by step.

Successful Together- Details

  • Subject IPO obedience
  • Step by step instuctions for each excercise.
  • Explanations from puppy age up to trial preparation
  • Illustrated with lots of pictures
  • approx. 380 pages
  • Price 59,90Euro


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