Gift Card - Request

Looking for the perfect present? Share the Passion with an IQ Gift Card and you are sure to make someone happy. You have two options:

  • Order an online code.
  • We can send you or the recipient an IQ Gift Card, beautifully packaged in a branded small metall box for an additional EUR 6. The perfect storage for small stuff like tracking articles or magnets. If the adress is not in Germany, please consider the extra shipping fee. 

If you decided on an IQ Gift Card, please fill out the information below. We can only start working on the order, if your information is complete!

  1. Name, Email, Phone and address of the paying customer
  2. Name of the person who will receive the Gift Card.
  3. Adress of the person we should send the Gift Card to if it is not the same as the paying customer. 
  4. Comments: Please make sure to let us know if you decided on an electronic gift card code or if you want the Gift Card in a metall box. 
Gift Card - Request
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