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Successful Together- the journey to masterful obedience Update and supplement book Since the... mehr
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Successful Together- the journey to masterful obedience

Update and supplement book

Since the first edition of Successful Together (2015) dogsport has developed and we in Heuwinkl have contributed enormously in this development.
Stagnation in training methodology and the development of the exercises is not our thing, nor are we satisfied with what has been achieved. Because of this ,and the many questions and suggestions from our readers and seminar participants since the first addition, has led us to summarize all updates and additions in one volume . The update and supplement is intended for readers of the first edition 2015 (1. and 2. edition ). With this supplement readers of the first edition will receive all the new ideas and additions compactly combined in one volume.

The marking of the correct moment and variable forms of rewarding create a concentrated learning environment for the dog. The use of corrections ( for example the whip) are almost superfluous because of the particular positive ,motivating rewarding of the correct behavior. This new approach changes the structure of the exercises Sit, Down and Stand decisively. Due to the backward orientation Down and Stand are given more stability and depth.
The complicated execution of the left angle is derived from a precisely depicted movement.
The demanding left about turn has been explained in a detailed step by step sequence.

Adaptions with removing the hand whilst heeling, a new idea for jumping over the A Frame that is gentle on the dogs joints and a new approach for collecting the two toys for the retrieve which is a great help for many dog handlers.
The basis for successful training is emotion and motivation so fun and enthusiasm! This is the reason why we use barking as a stimulant and to let off steam. We have been doing this for quite a while and can highly recommend it. Our training ideas are successful not without reason, but are based on the findings of learning psychology. Much of dog training remains imperfect because it lacks knowledge about the processes in the brain. We have closed this gap with a paragraph about learning psychology- a real know how for every day training.

Start off the new sports year 2020 with the update and supplement to the 1. and 2. Editions of Successful Together - The journey to masterful obedience and at the same time raise your standard. If you order now , you will be laying the foundation for your success in 2020.
All exercises explained in detail with a variety of pictures and graphics. All exercises summarized “At a Glance“.

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Improved techniques

A great supplement for the main book. Well thought, experience based and improved techniques for k9 sports dog training. Well explained with lots of visual aid. I would love to see other books with subjects like tracking and protection works. That would be great! Since I love the knowledge and style of work from this IGP Team.

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